What are Sandi Hands?


The Sandi Hands are designed by Jenny Regeling in Australia and are also manufactured in Australia.

Sandi Hands make sanding much easier. Treating round objects such as table legs, chair legs, ... becomes much easier compared with the use of conventional sandpaper.

We distinguish two types Sandi Hands. At first the cotton gloves that are microporous and suitable for prepping your furniture and various sanding techniques. The Tradesmen gloves are a more solid kind that you can also use forwet sanding.

The accompanying sandpaper fits both the Tradesmen and the cotton glove.

Needless to say that these gloves are reusable and that the sandpaper is made of extremely strong quality so it can handle both wet and dry sanding. A lot of attention went to ensure the sandpaper won't break when used.

Naturally, both left and right handed gloves available.

Another plus compared to the traditional resources is that your hands and nails
remain protected when you use the Sandi Hands solution.

A lot more practical then normal sanding


Fits you... like a glove


Keeps your hands and nails protected

Sandi Hands @ work!

Because an image tells you a lot more than words

We love using Sandi Hands in our furniture painting workshops.  Sandi Hands get in to all the tricky little spots & hug the curves of furniture so perfectly.  They are so easy to use!


Inspiration Paints Grafton NSW

I use my Sandi Hands glove on a weekly basis for restoring wooden furniture.  It is so comfortable, breathable and gets into the hard ornate areas that my electric sander just can't reach...  It also saves my nails and hands from getting dry and scratched

Jodi S.

Jode Designs

I use Sandi Hands for my furniture restorations.  I love the way you can grip curved chair legs with the sanding glove and have a chair sanded in halft the time.   Saves my nails and my already dry and beat up hands!

Sharon H.

I Restore Stuff

I have used Sandi Hands gloves at home - amazing!!  I used them on timber, painted windows, shelving that were rough with paint peeling off. The gloves were easy to use and the timber was left smooth for painting, in no time at all. A fantastic way to sand anything, very easy.  Sandi Hands your are fantastic!!!!

Cheryl A.

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